Benson Custom Harvesting

Providing custom harvesting of grain and a stress-free harvest season

Benson Harvesting knows how important it is to get the crops harvested in time and we are dedicated in providing this service to meet our clients needs. We know how stressful harvest time can be, thus providing a custom harvesting of grain and a stress-free harvest season.

We run one to four combines depending on your needs, with trucking to your bin site or the elevator near you.
We have many years of expertise that allow us to harvest all varieties of wheat, soybeans, canola, sunflowers and corn with the greatest confidence.

Benson Harvesting is passionate about the service we provide, we are very proud to serve our farming communities year after year. We welcome our existing clients as well as our new clients.

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Benson Harvesting was established in 1994 by Roger and Gabbie Benson, as a family operation.